Enhancing customer claims management experience



Re shaping the future of cargo claims management.

We believe that Trust and Transparency are indispensable for any successful claim recovery transaction. The fewer the middlemen, the trust worthier the transaction; the lesser touch points we have, the more transparent it is. Therefor reshaping the future of cargo claims recovery for a better cargo claim management experience both for carriers and claimants is what drives us.



Making your claims process smarter

At OPTIMIZ we are on a mission to enhance the customer claims management experience by leveraging digital business-to-business platforms and ecosystems to transform cargo claims value chains into value networks while creating a composite and transformative experience for all involved stakeholders.


Value Proposition

Empowering our Customers to leverage what matters most to them – Time!

Helping Carriers to reduce their claims administration costs by up to 70% while increasing their claims process efficiency by 60% without any additional upfront investment costs.us.

How We Got Here

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