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Frequently Asked Questions

So you do not have to wait, we have curated our most asked questions for you.

Why should I be on this platform?

Depending on who you are, you derive different benefits from the platform. As a shipping line, you streamline your claims process and improve your customer satisfaction with significant cost savings.

As a cargo owner, how can I trust your prediction?

We pride ourselves on our independence. Also, we use openly available data on cargo characteristics with your claims history to ensure that our prediction is in line with your past behaviours.

Do you provide support for first timers?

Oh yes we do! Not only that, we work with your staff until they are capable of handling claims from cradle to grave by themselves.

As a shipping line, will this not open me to more claims?

Not in claims payout. A significant part of claims paid out to claimants go toward service provider fees. By communicating directly with your customers, you save on third party fees.

What type of information do you require from me?

The basic claims data which you give to service providers today such as bill of lading, survey report, commercial invoice, photographs etc.

Why is cargo claims so necessary?

Bottom-line. Irrespective of who you are, cargo claims directly impact on your bottom-line. As an insurer, your claims ratio is impacted. As a cargo owner, a damaged consignment could mean a lost customer. As a cargo carrier, this results in reduced margins.
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