CroPing a Fruit Damage Claim

In 30 days, you will be able handle your fruit claims all by yourself! By visiting CroP platform, you will be guided through the claims process to ensure that your claim is given the due attention from the liable carrier.

Today, most uninsured claimants are faced with a claims cost of up to 30% of the recovered amount. We believe there is a better way of handling such cargo claims and that is why we have developed CroP. CroP (Claims recovery Platform) is a multisided digital platform which enables cargo owners and their insurers to automate their claims against shipping lines, freight forwarders, airlines and port terminals. We use predictive algorithms to recommend the optimum settlement levels for both sides to reduce the current 3-6 months claims cycles to near instant.

In 30 days time, you will be able to handle your claims from cradle to grave by yourself at little or no cost to you! To know how to lodge a claim on CroP, click on this link to download our CroP Claims Guide.

Thank you for trusting us with your business.