White Paper

Fresh fruit surveys. How to win the market with remote inspections.

Growers, packers, exporters and shipping companies are expected to  invest in providing the best possible quality produce to export markets. Understanding the variables involved in the handling of fruits and vegetables and how to manage them are fundamental in taking advantage of existing market opportunities.

Understanding the Manual Quality Control Guide helps in the handling and managing of fruits and vegetables before, during and after transportation.


  •  How can you transport fruit and vegetables easily and avoid excess damages?


  • What is the the best way to package fruits and vegetables to withstand rough export handling conditions?


  • How to ensure packages remain within the pallet dimensions in order to maintain stability during transit?


  • Why is it so important to focus on traceability?

  • What is the importance of a surveyor and the appropriate time to appoint one?


  • Why is it important to use a remote cargo inspection tool with just a mobile phone at the comfort of your home?


Before your next shipment