Retain more profits in your fruit exports


We help fruit traders retain more profits by seamlessly managing cargo damage claims from digital cargo surveys to streamlined claims processes.


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Why Use Us

Buying or selling fruits from  or to someone we do not know often raise concerns such as:

How do I know the seller will provide the right quality fruits, if at all. On the other hand, the seller wonders if the buyer is truthful about the damage to cargo in transit. Your current option is to appoint an expensive surveyor or absorb the losses. But what if there was another way?

Use our digital evidence collection tool to build a single source of truth between the buyer and the seller. Do this at less than a fraction of the cost of physical surveyors!

We could easily see real time, the outturn condition of our fruit containers! That meant we could take quicker actions.


– Rodrick, Musahamat Farm.

Using Ukweli helped us resolve a case of damaged ginger from Nigeria to Europe. It was a timely solution that keeps on giving.


– Sunday,  JP Owin Trading.

Buying plantains from South America has always been tricky as we have no personal contacts there. Now, we know what we are getting and in case of damage, we can automate our claims while focusing on our core business of delighting customers with tasty plantains!


– Joelle, Food from Home, South Africa.

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Key Benefits

Collect all your data in one place

Keep track of how your processes are affecting your fruit quality. Know how your business partners are affecting your profitability. 

Inspect all your shipments

The best way to prepare for a claim is to start before there is one. With no app download, easily document your export procedure to serve as pre – shipment evidence. Your buyers will thank you!

Make your data logger do more

What do you currently do with your data logger in your container? What if they could start your claims process for you automatically when there is a deviation?

Claim against any shipping line

If you have been in this industry for a while, then you know the pain of handling cargo claims. Simply long on to our platform, select your carrier and file your claim.

Never get time barred!

Did you know about 85% of lost cases today are as a result of time bar? Get automated reminders to ensure you never run out of time!

Remote assistance

Working with remote surveyors? They can become an extension of you through our Remote Assist feature. This helps in authenticating the collected evidence.

Reefer Cargo Claims Management

In this white paper, you will learn about the processes involved in managing reefer cargo claims. You will find out what are the expectations of some of the largest liner shipping companies and their most frequent lines of rejections. You will get our latest statistics relating to fruit damage claims.

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