Fruits and Vegetables Industry

Transporting fruits and vegetables from farm to shelf involves, often, complex logistical processes. The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of fruit consumption, not just to the economy but also to our health. However, fruit importers and exporters go through significant challenges to deliver these products to the end consumer in sound conditions.

Logistics Process and Challenges

Mere documents and data points are no longer sufficient to demonstrate the handling and quality of fruit at each stage of the supply chain. Measuring the temperature of a box tells you little of the quality of the fruits before stuffing. Buyers want to be sure exporters are shipping the right quality fruits beyond just paper evidence. 

Sellers want to be sure of the quality of their fruit when it arrives at the buyers’ premises. How do both sides attain their objective without significant upfront investments?


OPTIMIZ enables you to collect objective information about the condition of your container of fruits upon before shipments and upon arrival at the buyer’s premises. You no longer have to wait for days to receive survey or QC reports. With our automated Notice of Loss, your rights are always protected against a liable carrier. In the event of damage to cargo in transit, our industry-first claims resolution platform will guide you through the entire claims process with no need for external lawyers or recovery agents.


Cost: A QC or survey report will cost you from a couple of hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your country of inspection. With our monthly subscription, you end up with less than $10 per inspection. With recovery actions costing up to 30% in success fee, you save more than 50% in legal costs and representation fees when using our solutions.

Speed & Efficiency: If you have appointed a surveyor before, you will know it takes a couple of days for someone to get to your premises for inspections. Then a couple more for them to write up a report and send to you. With our solution, inspections can start even before the container is unsealed! You can automate your survey report instantly and not many days later.

Risk Management: The value of a regular QC or survey report extinguishes with the case under consideration. OPTIMIZ enables each inspection to continuously be of value throughout your business lifecycle. Being able to compare data from one shipment with several others and to identify trends will help you make better business decisions.

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