Reduce your claims administration costs


Shipping lines and other cargo carriers are spending significant amounts of time and money to administer cargo claims lodged against them by cargo owners and their insurers. It doesn’t have to be this way. That is why we built a platform to help automate aspects of your claims process to help reduce your administrative costs.


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Touchless Claims

In the event of a maritime peril, multinational carriers face the risk of receiving thousands of claims from different claimants using different means and in different structures.

Claims Sorting and Dispatching

2 weeks to 1 month

Upon receipt of first notification of loss to identification of the competent claims handler to deal with a claim, a dedicated resource reads through copious amounts of documents to be able to assign claims.

Claim Benchmarking & Negotiations

3 – 6 months

Once the claims handler is identified, they have to use a benchmarking sheet to guide them on the course of action to take. Once this is done, they then engage their customers for negotiations.

Administrative & Survey Cost Savings

Up to 70% in claims costs savings

By automation parts of the claims process, the shipping lines realise significant cost savings and improve relationships with their customers. 7 out of 10 surveys are mere collection of facts, creating further cost savings opportunities.

Deeper Risk Visibility

From a well thought-out dashboard, shipping lines can understand how their customers are serviced from a claims perspective across their agency offices around the world. 

Self-evidence Collection Tool

After working with leading shipping lines in Europe, we understood there is a need to revisit the current cargo survey model. 

As a result of this study, we are now integrating self-evidence collection tools to help shipping lines reduce their survey spend but increase their data quality around cargo damage.


This could become the industry standard!


– Chief Legal, Top Tier Shipping Line

Claims are an opportunity to demonstrate a promise kept.



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