Trust but Verify

Remotely inspect the handling, quality and condition of fruits before shipping them over for as little as €10 per container!

Check outturn condition

Before issuing a discount for a defective container of fruits, verify the fruit outturn condition.

Resolve Fruit Damage Claims

Protect your profit margin with effective claims management

Temperature Damage

Fruit damage due to temperature extremes during transportation or storage.

Delay Claims

Missed Chinese New Year due to port delays in Cape Town? You could be entitled to compensation.

Steri Failure Claims

Have your container of fruits been rejected entry at port due to Steri Failure?


Gas leakage or poorly cleaned container could reesult in contamination.

Why Choose Us


Remote inspection from mobile phone


Pre-designed inspection templates


Limited fraud opportunities

Cost Effective

Low monthly subscription fee

Client Testimonials

“This tool is far more valuable than just claims. It enables us to really pay attention to our risk management processes.”
Antonella, Capespan
“Using OPTIMIZ, we could easily inspect our plantains coming from Ecuador which have preciously suffered severe damage in carrier's possession.”
Joelle, Fruit From Home
“Our packing team collected and shared handling information with our buyer in Itally and this gave him comfort buying from us.”
Rodrick, Musahamat Farms

Preventing rotten returns

Helping you protect your fruit shipments despite all odds.