UK Maritime Services Capability Review 2020


Maritime professional services have been at the heart of both the UK’s and London’s economy for centuries, refecting the country’s historical role as a leading maritime and trading nation. As revealed in the Maritime London report ‘Catching the Wave – UK maritime professional services competitiveness study’ published by Maritime London in support of the government’s fagship 2050 Strategy the sector is worth $6bn GVA, provides 10,000 skilled jobs and has a 25% share of the global market, making the UK the world’s leading provider. While the UK remains the clear leader in maritime professional business services, there is no room for complacency, and it is for this reason that I am heartened by the enhanced support being provided by the Department for International Trade, as we look to promote proactively the unique strength and offer of the sector, around the world. What makes the UK stand out as a provider of maritime professional services, is the unparalleled strength and depth of the UK cluster, and the companies represented in this document are a mere snapshot of the number of specialists in any particular feld. The UK truly is a one-stop for all your commercial management needs. Whether it be chartering, classifcation, insurance, maritime law, the facilitation of fnance or indeed other specialisations, I strongly believe there is no better market in the world to place your business. Furthermore, in an increasingly uncertain commercial shipping environment, the certainty and security provided by the institutions that envelop the UK market give us a unique competitive advantage as we serve the needs of the global commercial feet.

If we are to maintain and grow our market share a strong partnership with the government is vital. This brochure not only provides an overview of the sector but serves as an overt, physical representation of the Department for International Trade’s support of it.

Lord Mountevans

Chairman Maritime London

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