Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with inspections

It depends on your subscription plan. Check our Pricing page to know more.

A Workflow is a a series of steps which should be followed when conducting an inspection. This may vary depending on the type of cargo to be inspected.

A template is a temporary work space used to design Workflows. Based on your needs, you can customise pre built templates to create new bespoke Workflows.

Remote Assist is a feature which allows you to connect to the party conducting an inspection on a live link. You would use this function to get a real time view of the cargo being inspected.

Setting up your inspection instruction

To create a Workflow, click on Template tab at the left side of the menu.


Yes, there are. We are also adding to the existing list of pre built templates which will become available shortly. To see the full list of templates, click here:

Once an inspection instruction is created, you cannot edit the Workflow. If necessary, recreate a new case.

No you do not have to. You can duplicate a Workflow and edit it as needed.

To inspect multiple pallets, you can just select the option for a particular step to be repeated a given number of time. 

How to determine inspection trustworthiness

The reliability of an inspection, whether done by a third party surveyor or an individual using our solution, depends on the integrity of the inspector. We are using technology to introduce objectiveness into the inspections done using our solution. 

Should the person conducting an inspection make a mistake, they can simply click on the + sign and take new photos. It is not possible to delete any collected data.

To take part in an ongoing inspection remotely, click on the Remote Assist tab and you shall be connected via a live video link to the inspector.

Inspections best practices

Conduct your first inspection

We help international traders and their insurers to remotely inspect cargo and automate damage claims.

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