How it Works

A multisided digital platform which connects cargo owners and their insurers directly to shipping lines, freight forwarders, airlines and port terminals with the goal of fostering predictive claims resolution.

Digital cargo inspection

Save time and money by using our web-based digital evidence collection application for pre and post shipment inspections.

  •  No download required
  • Actionable claims data
  •  Automated survey reports

File your claim directly to the shipping line


Being able to lodge your claims directly to the cargo carrier already saves you time spent on discussing with agents with no settlement authority.


Automatic Triage & Claims Benchmark

Based on predetermined rules, our triage engine matches each new case to the appropriate claims handler taking into consideration factors such as seniority and current workload.

Claims Negotiation 

Cargo owners and their insurers have financial needs different from those of their service providers. By speaking directly to them makes it easier to reach a settlement agreement without external considerations such as service provider fees.

"This could become the industry standard"

– VP Commercial

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