Making Your Claims Process Smarter

 “Cargo claims present an opportunity to demonstrate a promise kept.”

Enhance Your Claims Experience With Us

Cargo interests and carrier interests must not always be at opposing ends. Imagine what could happen if you could collaborate with your partners! 

Automated Time bar Monitor

We help you keep track of time under the various international conventions so you can focus on running your business.

Predictive Claims Resolution

No need to be a maritime law expert. Using a combination of data sets, we make it easy to handle what has before now been considered complex claims.

Deeper Risk Visibility

We derive unusual insights from collected data to ensure you can mitigate your risks and those of your customers with ease.

Global Claims Real Time Tracking

Being multinational with a distributed team is the norm for our industry. This often leads to fragmented data on our key customers. Using our well thought-out dashboard, you regain clear visibility on all your claims teams across the world.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers

With tight margins and aggressive competition, shipping lines and other carriers cannot afford high customer churn. Increase customer loyalty by actively listening to them especially when things go wrong.

Acceleration Programs

We have worked with key innovation centres to help us along this journey.

"This could become the industry standard for cargo claims"

– VP Commercial

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