We enable remote containerised cargo inspections and automated claims resolution.

Industry first all-in-one platform for cargo claims resolution.

Global supply chain is becoming digital

OPTIMIZ provides the very first end-to-end platform to enable traders, their insurers and carriers to collect visual evidence of the state of cargo at various points and to seamlessly resolve cargo claims in transit.

Remote Proof of Condition

Collect relevant evidence at the most relevant times and eliminate opportunities for error or fraud.

Predictive Claims Resolution

No need to be a maritime law expert. Using a combination of data sets, we make it easy to handle what has before now been considered complex claims.

Recovery Agent Management

Ever wondered how your recovery agent is performing against others in the market? Now you can know!

Make Quicker Decisions

You no longer have to wait for days to obtain a survey report or fly to a foreign country to inspect your cargo. From your dashboard, you can collect, analyse and share objective evidence of the handling and quality of your cargo.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers

Trust and transparency are key to a lasting relationship. In international trade, this is difficult to obtain especially when dealing with strangers in foreign countries. At least until now! 

Increase Profits and Eliminate Losses

With tight margins, players in international trade have very little room for damaged goods and expensive services. Save up to 70% on your survey fees and 65% in your claims resolution costs. 

OPTIMIZ socios con DeltaTrak

OPTIMIZ socios con DeltaTrak

OPTIMIZ se complace en anunciar una asociación estratégica global con Deltatrak, que combina la solución líder en monitoreo de la cadena de frío en tiempo real de Deltatrak con la.

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"This could become the industry standard for cargo claims"

– VP Commercial

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