We enable remote evidence collection and automated claims resolution in logistics.

Industry first all-in-one platform for cargo claims resolution.

In the future, all your cargo claims will be Optimized

Optimiz provides the very first platform for cargo claims resolution that brings the cargo owners, cargo insurers and cargo carriers together to achieve unprecedented speed and accuracy in the cargo claims arena.

Digital Cargo Damage Survey

Collect relevant evidence at the most relevant times and eliminate opportunities for fraud.

Predictive Claims Resolution

No need to be a maritime law expert. Using a combination of data sets, we make it easy to handle what has before now been considered complex claims.

Recovery Agent Management

Ever wondered how your recovery agent is performing against others in the market? Now you can know!

Regain control of your claims

It currently takes circa 6 months and over plus many outsourced service providers to handle containerised cargo damage claims against shipping lines and other cargo carriers. Use our data-first approach to claims handling to reduce cost and increase efficiencies.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers

Cargo owners pay 15 – 30% of success fees to their service providers to handle their claims against shipping lines and other cargo carriers. Nothing is more irritating to have to pay that much to claim for negligent acts by the carriers. 

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"This could become the industry standard for cargo claims"

– VP Commercial

So you got a claim? Just CroP it!