Digitising proof of condition and cargo claims automation.

We help international traders and their insurers to remotely inspect handling, quality and condition of cargo and in case of damage, automate their claims process.

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Trust but Verify

Know the condition of cargo you are buying from a foreign country or confirm the outturn of your container at the premises of your buyer. Whatsapp messages are just not good enough.

Spending too much on surveys?

Leverage your exisiting team to create digital records of your cargo condition. Automate inspection reports in real time and share with interested third parties.

Too many paper-based processes?

Design, deploy and verify workflows for your entire team. Capture photos, short videos and structured texts on mobile phones.

Challenges in verifying suppliers?

Get real time visual evidence of your supplier's cargo handling process and eliminate surprises.

Make Quicker Decisions

By digitising your internal processes, you can track and quickly identify problematic activities leading to cargo damage along the supply chain. 

Upto 70% in cost savings

Third-party surveys are costly and time consuming. Often the container has been returned to the port by the time surveyors get to the premises. By using our web-based mobile application, you realise up to 70% in inspection cost savings while increasing process efficiency.

Build Stronger Relationships with Your Customers

Trust and transparency are key to a lasting relationship. In international trade, this is difficult to obtain especially when dealing with strangers in foreign countries. At least until now!

Increase Profits and Eliminate Losses

With tight margins, players in international trade have very little room for damaged goods and expensive services. Save up to 70% on your survey fees and 65% in your claims resolution costs.

"This could become the industry standard for cargo claims"

VP Commercial, Shipping Line
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We help international traders and their insurers to remotely inspect cargo and automate damage claims.

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