OPTIMIZ announces partnership with IMPARGO

The partnership offers both companies an upgrade in the automation and digitization of the transportation of Cargo. London, United Kingdom, February 21st 2022.

OPTIMIZ  and IMPARGO announce today that their companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will ensure seamless processes in the transportation of goods and services. 

The agreement brings together OPTIMIZ’S mobile remote collection of data on the handling, quality and condition of cargo and IMPARGO’S automation and digitization of transport processes from customer orders to proof of delivery.

” Our platform would boost customer satisfaction by improving visibility in the tracking of cargo pre and post-shipment. Said Kingsly Kwalar, CEO of OPTIMIZ, in order to reduce the prevalence of cargo damage on transit”.

Customers of OPTIMIZ  can now benefit from the multi-sided platform. It does not only provides visibility on their cargo but increases their profit margins. By reducing the percentage of damaged goods through effective quality control.

“This partnership means more than just sharing resources and know-how”. States Hong Phuc Duong, head of marketing at IMPARGO. Starting with OPTIMIZ. “We at IMPARGO aspire to encourage the development of a smart logistics ecosystem that allows for greater integration across the industry”.


IMPARGO  is a German startup company that digitizes and automates transport and logistics for industrial and transport companies, with its main focus on trucks.

Its technology seeks to improve the efficiency of the dispatcher, freight forwarders and production companies. It provides a solution for fast and efficient route planning, toll calculation, vehicle cost calculation and transport management.


OPTIMIZ LTD is a pioneer in the provision of an end to end platform that enables traders, their insurers, and carriers to collect visual evidence of the state of their cargo at various points through remote containerised cargo inspections and claims resolution.

Sweri Linda Malo

Media Relations


London United Kingdom


We help international traders and their insurers to remotely inspect cargo and automate damage claims.


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